YouTuber turned Game Boy game machine launched in 1989 into a "buffalo" mining Coin Machine

While Bitcoin continues to be high, with a Bitcoin worth up to $ 57,000, the graphics card prices are constantly rising and become extremely scarce. A YouTuber with the nickname stacksmashing recently decided to go another way to mine Bitcoin without using a graphics card, but instead used a Nintendo Game Boy handheld game released from the year. 1989.

Due to a shortage of graphics cards, stacksmashing had to find a way to convert his Game Boy into a Bitcoin mining "machine". To do so, he had to use a standard USB flash card to rerun the ROM on the Game Boy as well as add a modified link cable combined with the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller board that made it possible to transmit information. between Game Boy and the server. 

The key to Game Boy's Bitcoin mining capabilities is actually located in the Raspberry Pi Pico at a low cost of just around $ 4. Since Game Boy has no way to communicate with the Bitcoin network, Pico will take care of that. The modified link cable connects the Game Boy to the Pico (via a logic switch to convert the voltage from 5V to 3.3V as required by Pico) and the Pico connects to the PC. Currently, Bitcoin is almost exclusively mined by ASICs or GPUs at speeds up to 100TH / s. Meanwhile, the Game Boy launched in 1989 was equipped with an extremely small Sharp LR35902 CPU with a speed of only 0.8H / s.

So the process of mining Bitcoin on Game Boy will be extremely slow. In fact, to put it simply, stacksmashing estimates that Game Boy will take ... several million billion years to mine 1 Bitcoin.

Source: Gamerant

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