Samsung rose to the top position and surpassed Apple in smartphone sales in February 2021

Samsung Electronics regained the top spot in global smartphone sales in February 2021, a report said on March 29 after it nearly beat Apple Inc. thanks to the early launch of the Galaxy S21 series 5G.

Accordingly, market research firm Strategy Analytics said that Samsung shipped 24 million smartphones with a market share of 23.1% in February 2021, surpassing Apple when it sold only 23 million units and accounted for only 22.2% of the market part.

On the Chinese side Xiaomi is in third place with 11.5% market share, followed by vivo with 10.6% and OPPO with 8.5% market share. Previously in January 2021, the Korean technology giant had 15.6% of the market share, while Apple was higher with 25.4% market share.

In February 2021, Samsung's smartphone shipments were 26% more than in 2020 and even 12% more than the level before the Corona virus outbreak in February 2019.

Samsung typically introduces the new Galaxy S series in mid-February every year but this time it launched its flagship 5G Galaxy S21 series back in January 2021 in a clear move to capture Huawei's market share. The company is struggling with US sanctions and challenges with Apple's 5G iPhone 12 series, which launched in October 2020.

The market share gap between Samsung and Apple was generally around 5 percentage points in February 2021, but with strong sales of Apple's 12-series iPhone, it has narrowed to just 1 percentage point at this point. Strategy Analytics data shows.

Also in February 2021, Apple's iPhone sales increased 74% from a year earlier and 35% from two years ago. In related developments, Galaxy line S21 5G series took more than 1 million machines in Korea last week to 57 days milestone, faster Galaxy S20 5G series of 2020.

However, the pace of sales of the product line This is still slower than the Galaxy S10 series in 2019 when it reached 1 million units on the 47-day milestone, which is 10 days late.

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