How To Install File Explorer New Beautiful Icon Set Without Waiting For Windows 10 "Sun Valley"

Microsoft has been working on the "Sun Valley" update (also known as 21H2) with the new Start Menu interface, Action Center, rounded corners and improvements. another advance. As part of the improvements Windows 10 Sun Valley, Microsoft recently introduced the new icon-based Fluent Design for File Explorer folder, the Recycle Bin, and more in the latest preview build of Windows 10.

The introduction The new Fluent Design-based icons for File Explorer folders immediately attracted the attention of the Windows 10 user community around the world for their beauty and novelty. In this article HitOnTech Blog will guide you on how to install new icons for the File Explorer folder without having to go to the "Sun Valley" update.

A simple way that readers can get new icons for the File Explorer folder is to join the Windows Insider program and sign up for the Dev Channel, but this is not really recommended as that makes sense. Your PC will have to install beta versions on a regular basis. However, there is a safe and easy way to download these new icons without participating in the Windows Insider program. The experts at MSFTNext have extracted new icons from Shell32 and Imageres then allowing users to easily download new icons and use them to customize their folders for free.

Guide on how to install new icons for the File Explorer

Step 1: Download and extract the icon set Given By HitOnTech Blog link below

Step 2: Right click on the icon you want to change

Step 3: Select Properties > Change icon > find the path to the new icon set file that you just removed and click OK to save.

Not all apps and folders will be able to install new icons, but you can try the shortcuts.

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