A young Vietnamese modder created a mod that added the VinFast LUX A2.0 model to the GTA V game

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Released in 2013 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC consoles in 2015, Grand Thief Auto V (GTA V) is the most successful open world game ever by owning High-end graphics, excellent gameplay, along with engaging game content. Even to this day, there are still many gamers around the world playing this game. The city of Los Angles is re-enacted in GTA V called Los Santos in an authentic and beautiful way, with many different means for gamers to experience.

Despite the variety of vehicles available in GTA V, however, due to the game's release in 2013, many new vehicles at present are not added to this game. But that does not prevent modders from creating new mods, adding new types of modern vehicles to this 8-year-old game. One of the new vehicles added to GTA V through the mod is the VinFast LUX A2.0 model of Vingroup, manufactured in Vietnam.

Specifically, in the last few days, a Vietnamese modder named Trong Tin has shared a mod that adds VinFast LUX A2.0 to the famous GTA V game after more than a year of development. In an interview, the young modder, only 19 years old, told Zing that developing the mod cost more than 10 million VND, of which the amount of 8 million VND to call for the support of Tran Huy Anh , a designer in Vietnam to create the interior of the car. Tin purchased a 3D model of a VinFast LUX A2.0 car from the HUM3D site for $ 150.

" The idea began back more than a year when some of my friends suggested that I try to create a version of the sedan VinFast game " modder Trong Tin said. " Even then, I still do not know how Transforming a model into GTA V game . ”

When an initial prototype of this mod was installed, it was faulty so Tin had to restart from scratch to rebuild the vehicle structure. It took a year and two months to get a new playable version introduced by this modder with the help of four other friends. The result is a sleek sedan covered in sophisticated gold motifs inspired by Vietnamese folklore. Its real-life version is the VinFast LUX A2.0 sedan, which was introduced at the Paris Motor Show 2018 and sold in 2019. VinFast's website currently lists the model at VND 1,115 billion - 1,358 billion VND depending on the version. Tin intends to collect 250,000 VND for his mod. In the future, he expressed his desire to convert more VinFast models, as well as researched to convert Honda's Winner car into the GTA V game.

Source: Saigoneer

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