1+ Hour Countdown: Quickly receive the shooting game XIII and Hitman 3 first mission is free in a limited time

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Starting yesterday, the FPS game XIII will be free on the GOG copyrighted game distribution platform until April 1. Released in 2003, XIII is a shooter developed by Ubisoft and published with a story about a man with amnesia on his way from the police force after being suspected of assassinating the US president.

First released in 2003, this XII shooter is an adaptation of a 1984 Belgian novel that tells the story of a mysterious amnesiac agent who has to fight against a lot of people. Different enemies in their journey to find lost memories. In the years since its release, XIII has become one of the most popular titles due to its captivating story and stunning visuals honoring the origin of the series. However, the game's Metacritic score only stopped about 30% - 39% and received mixed opinions from both critics and gamers.

Right now, this FPS game XIII is becoming a gift of GOG to give to the gaming community in GOG's Spring Sale program. That sale includes everything from Cyberpunk 2077 to Mad Max to Disco Elysium and more than 3,000 different titles that are on sale up to 92 percent. Currently XIII is free on GOG until April so gamers quickly get this game according to the instructions below:

Step 1: Post Enter or create a GOG account if you don't have one


Step 2: Access the link below to receive the game> click Yes, and claim the game


Step 3: If you see the message saying " Success! XIII will be added to your account soon. Enjoy!" You have successfully received this game. Now, you just need to download GOG GALAXY 2.0 to download the game to play.

In addition to XIII, there is also a game that is also free today, which is the Dubai mission of Hitman 3. Specifically, Hitman 3: Free Starter Pack has recently been launched by Epic Games Store, allowing gamers to Get free for a limited time and play for free Hitman 3 Dubai mission to experience this game. Interested readers can get the game here:

Good luck!

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