Xiaomi launches a product that Make It Possible For Apple to give up: Multi-device Wireless Charging Dock

Xiaomi announced a wireless charging dock capable of charging three devices, each up to 20W simultaneously, for a total of 60W on the charging dock. Xiaomi also did not forget to use Apple's iPhone to illustrate, Apple once said that it would launch an AirPower charging dock with similar capabilities but had to announce a cessation of development because it could not consistently meet the standards. carrier set out.

Xiaomi says the charging dock includes 19 wireless charging coils, allowing the devices to be charged wherever they are located. Today's popular wireless chargers often require an accurate and stable device placement in order for them to receive a charge. Xiaomi is looking to give customers more freedom in where they place their devices.

The charging dock will charge any device that supports Qi standard wireless charging, including iPhones and newer AirPods. The Xiaomi product that shares similarities with Apple's AirPower is now canceled, which it announced in 2017, is canceled two years later. The introduction of the iPhone illustrates the new product's capabilities as a "light reminder" that Xiaomi has made it possible for Apple to give up.​

Apple has never announced a price for AirPower, the wireless charging dock of Xiamoi will retail for 93USD.

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