Xiaomi Announced A Brand New Font and Logo

Today is the second part of the Xiaomi Mega Launch event and during the event, the company unveiled a redesigned logo and new typeface.

The new logo was designed by Kenya Hara, a professor of Musashino College of the Arts and President of the Nippon Design Center (NDC). For the new logo, Xiaomi used rounded corners like what you get on some icon packs. So you have a circle instead of a square one. Xiaomi calls this new design "Alive".

It's no surprise that there are many technical processes and philosophical explanations behind the logo design. Xiaomi said that the designer used the "super circular" mathematical formula for the design and had to adjust the variables to get the optimal balance in terms of images and the perfect balance between the square and the shape. round.​

"Compared to an angled object, the circle is a more elegant shape, the perfect representation of Xiaomi's flexibility, relentlessness and will to move forward."

Xiaomi says that it will continue to use orange as the main color for its company, which is why the color of the logo hasn't changed. However, they will use the Black and Silver variants of the logo as a complement to the premium products.

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