Chinese puzzle game "Hoa" developed by Vietnamese will be released on PS5

Here it appeared a beautiful platformer puzzle game developed by Vietnamese people, released on both Steam and Nintendo Switch, causing the Vietnamese gaming community to stir. That is the Chinese game, a product of the Vietnamese studio that will be officially released in April.

With an extremely Vietnamese name, Hoa is a platform puzzle game developed by a Vietnamese studio called Skrollcat, founded by Mr. Cao Son Tung and released by PM Studios. In the game, players will play the role of a little girl named Hoa, on the journey to discover the magical beauty of nature and colorful imagination of plants, nature, flowers.

Hoa not only attracts the attention of Vietnamese gamers, but also the gaming community around the world because of the beautiful hand-painted graphics and extremely relaxing, soothing music. Anyone who watches the trailer must be immersed in the extremely poetic, sparkling, fanciful and peaceful space of the game.

In a post on PlayStation official blog , PM Studios marketing director Paul Hartling announced that the Chinese game will be coming to PS4 and PS5 consoles. Hoa is slated to release sometime next month for PC and Nintendo Switch, but gamers looking to play this stunning platformer puzzle game on PlayStation platforms will have to wait until July. Unfortunately, the director has not announced a specific release date for the PS5 and PS4 versions.

However, he said that pre-orders for the physical version of US PS4 and PS5 are currently available at certain retailers. Gamers who order the disc version will receive a digital soundtrack voucher, a postcard and a thank-you note from the Chinese developers - Skrollcat Studio. For gamers who play on PS5, thanks to DualSense, gamers will be better able to immerse themselves in the beautiful world of flowers. Gamers will be able to make Hoa fly for a limited amount of time, but the more power she uses to fly, the more responsive the DualSense handle.

Hoa is a stunning puzzle game by developer Skrollcat Studios and is being published by PM Studios, the same publisher behind side-scrolling, hacking and slasher Bladed Fury. The game allows the player to control Hoa on her way back home after a tragic event that forced her to die as a child. As you begin to explore the hometown of Flowers, her magical powers begin to blow life back into the land and awaken its inhabitants from their long slumber. You will take control of Hoa as she explores her forgotten homeland and discovers more about her unknown past.

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