Pringles Leak The Prices Of The Xbox Series X Via its Facebook Post

It’s very frustrating that we still haven’t had any official statement from Microsoft about the price of the much-anticipated Xbox Series X. There is a lot of news in the air regarding the prices. With different sources claiming to have witnessed the estimated price, we have naught but speculations about what might be the final product listing of the console.

Although no news about the actual price has been released, it’s still not too far until we get the final product price of the console. South African based influencer, Pringles in a new marketing partnership with Xbox, is offering gamers to take home next-gen Xbox Series X console and Game subscription passes.

Pringles announced holding a contest for Xbox Series X. However, a twitter user claims that he might have cracked the estimated value of the consoles. Though the news has not yet been officially confirmed it’s still creating a buzz in the gaming community.

The content posted on the Facebook page of Pringles stated the cost of the Pringles — Xbox Series X promotion costs R621,000 and offers 46 consoles. By doing math, we get the price to be R13,500 per console, which when converted to USD is $814.

But $814 dollars is a huge sum to be paid for the console, however when Rand converting into Euros, one gets the cost to a little over €680.

Over the years, the US and Euro have always shared some similarities in the parity when it comes to console pricing. So, one can assume that the final US pricing of the Xbox Series X will be somewhere around $580 dollars. This pricing however is not surprising considering the specs offered by Microsoft in the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X pre-orders are expected to on sale soon. However, the production might be limited thanks to COVID-19 but for pre-orders, it’s better to keep an eye on big retailers like Amazon and Walmart. The final pricing of the Xbox Series X is not yet clear but sources claim that Microsoft will be releasing the final pricing soon to the celebration of gamers.

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