Huawei says it's willing to use Qualcomm chips in Huawei phones once it gets go-ahead

Huawei rotating chairman Guo Ping said today that Huawei is willing to use Qualcomm chips to produce mobile phones once the license is granted.

Guo Ping said, Qualcomm has been an important partner of Huawei and it has been purchasing Qualcomm chips in the past decade. "It is reported that Qualcomm is applying for permission from the US government, if we can, we are happy to use Qualcomm chips to produce Huawei mobile phones."

Guo Ping also said that Huawei has a strong chip design capabilities, is willing to help chip supply chain to enhance the design, manufacturing, materials and other aspects of capacity, "to help them is to help Huawei itself.

Previously Huawei said that the current To B business (base stations, etc.) chip reserves are still relatively adequate, mobile phone chips are still actively looking for ways to do so.Hope that the US government wants to reconsider the policy, if allowed, Huawei will be willing to purchase US chips.

Guo Ping said in an earlier speech today that Huawei is now experiencing great difficulties and survival is its main line.

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