Samsung "Find My Phone" Feature Works Offline Now, Which You Can Now Find Your Phone Even When It Is Offline

Samsung offers the possibility to find lost devices through its Find my mobile function, which is linked to your Samsung Account. Until now, this was possible if your phone was connected to WiFi or mobile data. From now on, this function would also work offline.

Find my phone

Finding your phone after you’ve lost it isn’t that easy. Samsung and Google offer applications to track your phone if you lose it. If your phone still has access to mobile data or a WiFi connection after losing it, it would be relatively easy to complete the search. It only becomes difficult when both your mobile data and the Wi-Fi signal of your phone are turned off.

Samsung has recently added an option for this to its Find My Mobile function, according to a tweet from Max Weinbach. Weinbach posted screenshots of the Find My Mobile menu, with a ‘Find Offline’ option added. For the function, the South Korean manufacturer uses the power of its ‘network of Samsung phones’ to make the investigations successful.

This allows your phone to be found by other people’s Galaxy devices even if it is not connected to a network. It can also use your phone to search for lost Galaxy devices nearby. You can also find watches and earbuds if this was the last device they connected to, ”Samsung writes on the feature.

We hope that Samsung will bring the offline version of Find My Mobile to other markets than the USA. While it is not hoped that you will ever need to use such a search functionality, it does help in cases where your phone is lost and there is no access to a data connection. Fortunately, until Samsung launches the new Find My Phone feature, you can rely on all the existing features of Find My Mobile (Samsung) and Find My Device (Google).

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