The Witcher's TV Show Of The Same Name Hits A New Record At The Same Time

Generally speaking, a stand-alone recreation is extra fun, and it's been cool for 4 years seeing that its release. Not to say the new video games are dazzling, but this isn't the case. Obviously not relevant to Polish Stupid Donkey (Polish recreation developer CD Projekt RED, nicknamed Polish Stupid Donkey).

Recently, records show that "Witcher 3" has reached an unparalleled 94,000 human beings on line at the identical time on the PC side, speeding to the eighth location in Steam's top ten hot recreation dynamic list.

"Witcher 3" was released in May 2015, when the height variety of people concurrently online was "only" 92,268. This "again to light" phenomenon is genuinely surprising, and the Polish stupid donkey is mendacity down and earning another wave of money.

Investigating the reason, it is not difficult to discover that the Netflix TV collection "Witcher (or Demon Hunter)" tailored from the game of the identical call has been launched on December 20.

The antique and new players can be stimulated through the actor played by the superhero actor Henry Cavill, or it may be the TV series that evoked the nostalgia for the captivating lady characters in the game, and lower back to the sport.

Coinciding with the Christmas cut price season, dozens of dollars may be used in the game with Ye Naifa, Heli and different characters again. Zhenxiang is done.

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