Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Coming With new maps

The FPS juggernaut is already rolling out free content. With Modern Warfare just two weeks old, it’s refreshing to see the developers keeping the map rotation fresh. Some players think the selection of maps in this title are a tad bit on the big side. Hopefully CoD can keep the player base happy with some smaller maps. As of now, there’s no timeline for new maps or content drops.

New multiplayer maps

The new map (Shoot House) is a rumored close-quarter 3-lane map focused on small engagements. This map is coming to all 6 vs 6 game modes like headquarters and kill confirmed. Ground war is also getting love with the release of (Krovnik Farmland). Not much is known about Krovnick Farmland but we can assume it’ll be just as massive as other ground war maps.

It’s important to note that these two maps are the same ones listed in a Modern Warfare leak found by a Reddit user, u/Senescallo. The leaked map list consists of 38 different maps for different modes. With these two maps being on the list it’s beginning to look like it might be a legit source. Either way with these new maps CoD has a good lead on keeping Modern Warfare relevant for a while.

Modern Warfare is adding 2 new maps

New game mode hardpoint
A fan-favorite multiplayer mode (Hardpoint) makes a triumphant return. This game mode is beloved by players and pros alike. Both teams start the game and rush to the hardpoint. The team standing in the hardpoint gets a point every second, but if the point is contested no team gets points. The objective is to reach the point limit before the other team. Unlike headquarters respawning is enabled, and it’ll be a struggle to hold the point uncontested.

The new maps and mode release today, November 9. A new patch will most likely come with it so be prepared to have a small download waiting.

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