Nintendo: Switch Lite sold early in the United States

It would be normal to think that it is an irregular situation. However, there are so many units that are selling Nintendo Switch Lite ahead of time, that we will have to wait to see what happens, and whether or not Nintendo takes legal action in the matter.

In any case, at the moment it is happening in other countries and not in Spain. In effect, it is being sold one week in advance, since the official launch is on September 20, 2019.

News that the press is echoing following the comments of many buyers on social networks. For example, those who claim to have bought the console at Walmart stores in the United States. And there are so many cases, that there seems to be something simply isolated.
Even some users have begun to share images of the console, as well as details of their initial configuration or impressions of their materials and features. Just look at David Reed's comment on Twitter (one of the first to cause a stir) to see the rest come to light.

"Nintendo Switch Lite @ OBE1plays

– David Reed (@DJDaveReed) September 10, 2019"

In any case, for the moment Nintendo has not spoken publicly. It is not the first time that we find this type of practice, although it is true that it is usually more with games than with the consoles themselves.

As for Nintendo Switch Lite, remember that it is a lighter model and with the intention of bringing Switch to laptop lovers, or simply to those who are looking for a tighter price (200 euros). It cannot be plugged into the dock and the Joy-Con are also integrated with the laptop itself. But it is compatible with all Switch games, logically.

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